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Meet the Governors

What is the Corporation?

The Corporation is the governing body of the College and is made up of a diverse group of people from a variety of backgrounds. They bring a range of skills and experience to the College from both their working and personal lives.

It is made up of Independent Governors, two Staff Governors (elected by staff), two Student Governors (elected by the Student Council), a Parent Governor (elected by parents), Associate Governors, a Co-opted Governor and the Principal.

What is their role?

The Governors fulfil a strategic role. They are not there to manage the college, but are there to ensure that the managers do their job in running the College.

As such, Governors, amongst many other things, set, review and monitor the College’s aims, objectives and policies.  They are involved in the strategic planning and leadership of a large and complex organisation, which includes financial issues, staff issues, estates issues, teaching and learning issues and general governance issues.

All governors serve in a voluntary and unpaid capacity, although certain expenses can be reimbursed.

Who are our Governors?

Governors (ID 1055)


Become a Governor at Luton Sixth College

  • Do you have the ability to think strategically and independently and to make informed decisions as part of a group of equals?
  • Do you have an interest in the education of young people and providing opportunities to learn in an atmosphere that celebrates equality and diversity?
  • Are you a member of Luton’s communities or do you have an interest in the educational and professional development of those that live and work in Luton?
  • Can you commit to a number of meetings during the working week, normally a Friday morning, in a stimulating decision-making environment with highly experienced professionals?


Advert for Governor 

Policy and Procedures for the Recruitment of Governors