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Luton Sixth Form

Business (BTEC Level 3)

Why study Business?

Business covers a broad range of fields, including personal and business finance, human resource management, marketing, management and international business. Businesses create wealth for individuals and the country. The skills gained on this course will enable students to understand how businesses are started, organised, financed and marketed and be able to put these skills into practice. Students will gain a sound foundation in the key aspects of business; development of presentation skills, team working skills and confidence to succeed in the workplace.

Entry Requirements

In addition to our general entry requirements, you must have:

  • GCSE English – grade 3
  • GCSE Maths – grade 3

The Course

This course has been designed to be as practical as possible and allow progression to employment or university. Throughout your course there will be a need to organise, produce assignments and work with others. Useful information will be gained through the use of real-life business scenarios, which will help create awareness of the business world.

Course Activities

Students learn through assignments and activities such as presentations, discussions, group work, investigations, role play and work related learning.

Career and Progression Opportunities

Many Business students progress to careers in finance, sales, human resource management and marketing. It is also excellent for a range of management roles in the private or public sectors.

Course Structure and Assessment

The course is divided into eight units over two years, and is the equivalent of two A Levels. Work will be internally and externally assessed.

Unit 1: Exploring Business

  • Ownership of business organisations.
  • How businesses are organised to achieve their purpose.
  • The impact of the external economic, political and legal environment on business.
  • The need for business to be dynamic to survive.

Assessment: Internally assessed coursework

Unit 2: Developing a Marketing Campaign

  • Gain skills relating to development of a marketing campaign.
  • Identifying target market, trends and competitor analysis.
  • Impact of social, economic and political factors on a campaign.
  • Market research methods.

Assessment: External assessment – case study

Unit 3: Personal & Business Finance

  • Managing personal finance.
  • Exploring the personal finance sector.
  • Accounting, terminology and preparation of financial statements.
  • Sources of business finance.
  • Forecasting and break even analysis.

Assessment: External written exam

Unit 4: Managing an Event

  • Explore the role of an event manager.
  • Develop a detailed plan for a business or social enterprise event.
  • Stage or manage the event.
  • Reflect upon the running of the event and evaluate.
  • Assessment: Internally assessed coursework

Other units covered:

Unit 5: International Business – Internally assessed

Unit 6: Principles of Management – Externally assessed

Unit 8: Recruitment and Selection Process - Internally assessed

Unit 9: Team Building in Business Internally assessed coursework - Internally assessed

Additional Information

Examination Board: Pearson Edexcel


Case Study