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Luton Sixth Form

Cashless System

Please note: as part of the College's infection control protocol, cash will no longer be accepted at the tills from September 2020.

You can pay in one of two ways (no cash payments will be accepted this year)

  •  directly from your own bank account using a contactless debit card, or a phone running Apple Pay or Google Pay.

  • You can use your College ID card to pay from a special account called UPay. You can top this account up online or by using the Upay app (available for Apple and Android phones).


Do I have to have a Upay account?

You can choose whether to activate your Upay account or not – it is up to you. However:

  • If you are a student on the Free Meals scheme, you need to activate your UPay account to be able to access your Free Meals money.  See our Free Meals page for more details.

  • Your UPay account provides an account which other people (normally your parents) can top up on your behalf.


How do I activate my Upay account?

We recommend you download the Upay app for Apple or Android phones – this will allow you to activate (register) your account initially, and you’ll then be able to top up and view your account at any time. Alternatively, go to upay.co.uk/app/.

The registration process differs slightly between the app and website, but having chosen Upay Registration or Register for a UPay account, you will need to enter the following information:

  •  The site Affiliate ID. This is LutonSfc

  • Student ID/Staff initials. For students, enter your student ID. For staff, enter your college initials.

  • Email address. This can be your college email address or a personal address. This is the email address you will need to sign in to UPay with in the future. It will also be used to send you messages relating to Upay (e.g. if you forget your Upay password).

  • Password. This your personal UPay password of your choice, independent of your college network password.


How do I top up my Upay Account?
You can use the UPay app or website to top your account up. You can make a one-off top up, or you can set up automatic top ups (either at regular intervals, or when your balance drops to a set level).


Can someone else top up my account?

  • Yes. Anyone who knows your user name and affiliate ID can top up your account using a credit or debit card using the Guest top up feature.

  • Alternatively, if you log on to the app or website, you can use Guest top up to send someone an email containing a link which they can use to top up your account (they won't need to know your ID or affiliate ID).