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Luton Sixth Form

Community Sports Leadership (Level 2)

Why study Community/Higher Sports Leadership?

The opportunities to work in the sports leadership industry are varied and rewarding. There are many community groups, sports clubs and schools requiring people with leadership skills to run clubs and activity sessions in their centres. The opportunity to work with children and disabled people are some of the most rewarding and stimulating in terms of sports leadership. The elements of fun, differentiation, planning and variety are required to enable these people to engage in sports
in both the short and long term.

Entry Requirements

No previous knowledge is required (our general entry requirements apply). This course is open to all students with an interest in sports and fitness and developing leadership skills.

The Course

September-December: The Level 2 course focuses on leadership skills required to plan and run activity sessions/events/tournaments, including adaptive sports. You are required to complete 5 hours voluntary work in at least 2 settings (e.g. in college, at a sports club) as part of this qualification.

January-July: The Level 3 course develops the skills already gained and further covers activity sessions, event planning and working with different sectors of the community, including people with disabilities. You must complete 14 hours voluntary work (12 with children, in the community and with people with disabilities). 2 hours must be completed for the event unit.

Course Activities

Students learn through practical individual and group work, observation and analysis of others and self. There will also be opportunities to work with members of the community to broaden their leadership experience during lessons, in holiday periods and at sports activity days run by the College. Homework usually takes the form of planning and preparing for forthcoming sessions.

Career and Progression Opportunities

The courses provide students with confidence and leadership skills, and holders of these qualifications are viewed highly by universities and employers, as they often possess desirable attributes such as organisation and planning.

Many sports leaders go on to work within the community during the holidays on activity schemes and even Camp America. With the students successfully achieving these qualifications there are opportunities both within the College and community for them to utilise these to good effect and pursue them to a higher level.

Course Structure and Assessment

At the end of the year you will have gained two separate leadership qualifications – the Level 3 qualification will also give you 16 UCAS points. The courses are divided into several units, all of which must be completed to gain the qualification.


Unit 1: Building leadership skills
Unit 2: Plan, lead and evaluate sport/physical activity sessions
Unit 3: Assist in planning and leading a sport/physical activity event
Units 4: Lead sport/physical activity sessions in your community

Assessment: All units for both qualifications must be completed to the satisfaction of the Course Manager. The courses will be internally and externally assessed. A portfolio of evidence and record of achievement booklet must be completed.

Higher Sports Leadership Level 3 Award

Unit 1: Developing leadership skills
Unit 2: Lead safe sport/physical activity sessions
Unit 3: Know how to plan inclusive sport/physical activity sessions
Unit 4: Plan, lead and evaluate a progressive series of inclusive sport/activity sessions
Unit 5: Plan, lead and evaluate a sports/physical activity event (2 hours demonstration of event leadership)
Unit 6: Demonstrate leading inclusive sport/physical activity sessions to a range of participant groups (12 hours demonstration of sport/activity session leadership)

Additional Information

Examination Board: Sports Leaders UK


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