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Luton Sixth Form

English Functional Skills

Why study English Functional Skills?

Functional Skills qualifications are valued by employers as they are evidence that a student has developed the communication skills needed to work effectively in the workplace. Functional Skills provides an individual with essential knowledge of the English language, both written and spoken, that is used in the workplace and develops in them a level of literacy that will enable them to operate confidently, effectively and independently in life and work. All Functional Skills students who pass the Level 1 course will also be entered for the GCSE exam where a grade 3 would be seen as good progress with the aim of achieving a grade 4 in the second year of studying English.

Entry Requirements

In addition to our general entry requirements, you must have:

  • GCSE English – grade 2

The Course

The course’s philosophy is to develop students’ English skills in a supportive environment that instils in students the confidence and the abilities needed to succeed in both the Functional Skills exam and, as confidence grows, the GCSE English Language exam. Students will focus on improving reading, writing, speaking and listening skills as well as motivational skills.

Course Activities

Students learn through a variety of activities including discussion, debate, role play, note-taking, summary, spelling and punctuation exercises, analysing fiction and non-fiction texts, improving writing in different styles for different audiences and developing reading speed.

Course Structure and Assessment

The course is divided into six sections.

Unit 1: Learning to Learn Module

Unit 2: Oral Assessment – Group Discussion Level 1

Unit 3: Healthy Living Unit and Presentation

Unit 4: Exam Preparation

Unit 5: January – Reading and Writing Examinations Level 1 Functional Skills

Unit 6: Financial Literacy

Unit 7: Oral Assessment – Group Discussion Level 2

Unit 8: Financial Advice for Young People Presentation – Level 2

Unit 9: Exam Preparation Level 2

Unit 10: June - Reading and Writing Examinations Level 2 Functional Skills

Assessments: Internal (teacher) assessment and external examinations

Additional Information

Examination Board: AQA


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