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Luton Sixth Form

Information for Parents

Moving from a school to a sixth form college is an exciting time.

A lot is changing, which is a positive thing, but we know aspects of this transition can be challenging. We take great care to guarantee that your child has all the individual support they need.

We prioritise the well-being of all of our students, ensuring that your childs’ Progress Coach is a constant figure of support, that additional support needs are met, whatever these may be, but also that all members of staff are pointing your child towards the right provision and opportunities.

Every opportunity is taken to equip students to manage their workloads well and ease any anxiety around exams and deadlines, through a range of techniques and resources in tutorial. We focus on a range of activities to benefit your child in taking care of their everyday mental health. Every opportunity is taken to ensure your childs’ emotional well-being is looked after and that they are well equipped to face life’s challenges. That’s why we recognise how important a successful partnership with parents is in significantly increasing the chances of academic success.

Progress Coach

When your child starts at College, you will receive a letter containing the name and email address of their Progress Coach. We encourage you to make contact to discuss any issues related to the academic performance of your child or if you need to address any concerns that you may have.

Level 3 students are required to attend a tutorial session with their Progress Coach every week. In this session, Progress Coaches will lead activities and discussions on a range of subjects such as study skills, higher education, employability skills, pastoral and social issues, to name a few! Progress Coaches also allocate time for individual, 1-2-1 academic coaching for every student throughout the term.

Please also ask your child to provide you with a copy of their timetable, which will provide you with information on their schedule for the week and the names of their subject teachers. It would be great if you could discuss with your child how many hours of additional private study they are doing outside of the classroom. It should be around an extra three hours per subject – say 15 hours a week if your child wants to get those higher grades.

If you have any questions or queries regarding Progress Coaches and Tutorials, please contact Shaheen Abdouramane, Progress Coach Co Ordinator on SWA@lutonsfc.ac.uk OR RZA@lutonsfc.ac.uk  


Prolog is an online system that you can access, using the personal log on details included in the first letter that we send out to all parents in October. It contains important information relating to the progress of your child, including their attendance and punctuality, and results from trial exams.

Please get into the habit of regularly checking in on your child’s Prolog information to monitor your child's progress. It will really help and avoid any surprises for you!