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Luton Sixth Form

Musical Theatre (Performance) (Level 3 National Extended Certificate)

Why study Musical Theatre (Performance)?

Entry Requirements

In addition to our general entry requirements, you must have:

  • GCSE English – grade 3

You will need to take part in an audition.

The Course

This course is designed for students who want to develop the range of skills required to perform musical theatre.
As well as training you in performance skills and techniques, the course helps you improve your abilities in written and spoken communication, aspects of IT, working with other people and self-management.

Course Activities

Although some activities will require students to work as individuals, most learning takes place in group and workshop situations. You will usually be taught specific skills by your tutors, and then be given opportunities to work more independently on these in groups.

You will take part in a number of performances during the course, and will be expected to attend after-college rehearsals.

You will be required to complete logbooks and video diaries evaluating your experiences. You will also need to undertake research and project work. Although the majority of the course is practical, students who wish to excel can expect significant written homework.

Career and Progression Opportunities

The transferable skills from this course such as confidence, the ability to communicate effectively, great team skills, imaginative thinking and problem-solving will be an asset to any career path and have allowed students to pursue careers in areas such as psychology, business and law. 

Specific performing arts-related careers include actor, dancer, singer, choreographer, director, theatre in education company, arts administrator and TV presenter. Many artists form their own company in order to work for themselves in a way that is important to them.

Additional Information

This subject can be combined with all of our Music courses and/or A Level Drama & Theatre Studies.
For more information about the work and opportunities offered in the department follow their social media accounts:
Independent work and personal preparation are an integral part of being a student and developing yourself as a performing artist and we would expect that for every hour in class there would be at least another hour of time spent by you (4.5 hours a week).

There will be some tasks that are set on this course as “homework” but there will also be an expectation that you are continuing the work from the studio/rehearsal room in order to develop your technical skill.

Independent work will include:
1. Logging your progress in lessons and setting targets
2. Watching recordings of your work in progress and evaluating/setting targets
3. Line learning/practicing choreography
4. Rehearsing both individually and with classmates
5. Researching a practitioner or style you are currently working
6. Repetition/ practicing technical skill exercises as taught in lesson time
7. Creative exploration/ research in preparation of student led choreography/ devising
8. Engagement with personal fitness, well-being and safe working


Examination Board: Pearson Edexcel


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