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Luton Sixth Form

Beds Police get teaching in classrooms!

Detectives and forensic scientists are descending on Luton Sixth Form College, not to solve a grisly crime, but as part of an initiative to inspire the next generation of investigators.

Bedfordshire Police has teamed up with the criminology department at LSFC in a new approach to help bring the subject to life for its students.

It has seen detectives give presentations on a range of subjects including how they cracked cases which have appeared on Channel 4’s 24 Hours in Police Custody, while Scenes of Crimes Officers from Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire’s Joint Protective Services have given inputs on recovering evidence.

The idea began in the summer following a visit to the college from now Acting Chief Constable Trevor Rodenhurst who discussed the idea with Principal Altaf Hussain.


Mr Hussain said: “We are extremely lucky to have weekly sessions with specialists from Bedfordshire Police come in and teach as part of our Criminology course. Thank you to everyone involved for making this experience possible. We are really excited to develop this partnership further." 


Mr Rodenhurst said: “I was really impressed with the set-up and enthusiasm of everyone at the college and was excited to explore ways we could work together. This is a great initiative which will benefit the students, and hopefully encourage some of them to consider joining Bedfordshire Police in the future.”

Detective Chief Inspector Ryan Brammer said: “It’s been fantastic to be able to get into the classroom and speak to the students about the different aspects of criminal investigation. It’s a great way of bringing the subject to life, and also talking to the students about a career in policing.”

If you think you have what it takes for a career in policing, or to find out more visit their website (https://orlo.uk/kxTxU) or check out the courses on offer here at LSFC (https://orlo.uk/YErW3).