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Luton Sixth Form

College makes digital investment

Luton Sixth Form College students are benefitting from a £230,000 investment in new technology aimed at promoting digital learning. The college recently made a purchase of 275 laptops which, along with the introduction of a series of new digital platforms, is part of the new blended learning strategy.

“In response to the challenges that have been brought by Covid-19, we worked hard over the summer to ensure that we were well prepared for the new academic year,” said Sarah Magdeburg, the Head of Teaching and Learning Development at the college.

“As part of this, we decided very early on that an investment in our digital infrastructure was needed.”

She added: “Teachers are able to monitor the progress of their students through the digital tools that have been made available. Meanwhile, students continue to benefit from the best teaching methods.”

Many classes are accessed remotely as part of the online learning strategy being led by Sarah and Shaan Sagoo, the college’s Virtual Learning and Dynamic Content Developer (both in photo).

In addition, the college ensure that students can loan laptops at no cost if they are required.

“There has been a major shift towards online education and our students are reporting a good overall experience,” added Principal Altaf Hussain.

“We are only a few weeks into the term, so while there has been a small degree of variability, which is to be expected, overall I have been really proud of how staff and students have stepped up.

“We are not only investing even more in our blended delivery but also our face-to-face contact by appointing extra staff resulting in an additional 3,500 hours of academic support.

“We have also made considerable effort to support our students by providing them with laptops, technical support and access to our brilliant achievement centres with super-fast WiFi, so they have little difficulty in doing their work.”

For further information on loaning a laptop from us or any IT related queries, please contact: SDESK@lutonsfc.ac.uk