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Luton Sixth Form

‘Luton's Most Strongest' visit college students

Local young people were put through their paces when Luton’s Most Strongest recently visited the college.

The organisation ran a health and fitness seminar for Luton Sixth Form College students, who also had a chance to test themselves against staff in an outdoor training workout.

Event organiser Junaid Malik, of Luton’s Most Strongest, said: “The reason we have started this initiative is so we can encourage young people to think about how they can develop a positive mindset through health and fitness.

“It was such a pleasure to see the students and staff getting involved. We will be continuing our motivational seminars and fitness classes through the rest of the summer so that young people in our communities can benefit.”

He added: “With knife crime and gang-related violence on a rise, a key message from our team members in our seminars is always one of personal safety.”

Luton Sixth Form College Vice Principal Ian Francis said: “It was a day full of positivity and encouragement as students and staff engaged in the activities set out by Luton’s Most Strongest.

“Their seminars around personal safety reinforced key messages which are important to us as a college. I want thank the team for spending the day with us.”