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Luton Sixth Form

Student MIX up the airwaves

Students on the exciting BTEC Sound Design and Podcasting course have received their final project brief - a live commission from Mix 92.6, a Hertfordshire based radio station.

Receiving the brief from Elly O'Meara, chair of Mix 92.6, students have been set the challenge to produce a new treasure hunt style game show, recorded on location, for broadcast in the new year.

Just to make things more exciting, the students can plan their recording style and technique but won't know the route or clues of their treasure hunt until the day of recording. 

Elly O'Meara said "It's so important to give students a taste of the real world - and this is a real commission that will be broadcast provided the outcome is good enough!"

Teachers Andy Waterfield and Kim Aldridge were as equally excited: "A live, genuine brief is excellent. The programme sounds really exciting and we can't wait for the recording day"

Production is expected to take place next term with broadcast around Easter.



One: Kim Aldridge (LSFC) and Elly O'Meara (Mix 92.6) in the College radio studio

Two: Elly O'Meara from Mix 92.6 launches the brief to students