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Physical Wellbeing

Keep active, stay well

What can I do to improve my physical health?

Being active regularly has countless benefits for our physical and mental health.

Good physical health can be seen simply as our body functioning at its peak performance.

Furthermore physical activity enriches our concentration, allowing improved performance at work and enhances that special feel-good factor increasing happiness and energy levels.

  • Exercise. The body needs to be physically active. We must take time out of the day to exercise to keep our body healthy.
  • Eat healthilyDiet is hugely important in fuelling our body. We need to eat regularly and we need to eat nutritiously. Being careful what we eat by avoiding sugars and fatty foods that make it harder for our body to function optimally.
  • RestThis helps our body recover after hard work, heavy exertion and during difficult times. It is a highly important aspect of physical activity which allows your body to recuperate to grow stronger. Without this excessive demands can lead to burnout. 
  • Hygiene. Good personal hygiene helps protect against illness and infection and definitely makes you a nicer person to be around!
  • Wellbeing. Negative emotions and extreme stress can tire our body and makes it easier to catch an illness. Staying emotionally well keeps us in peak condition.
  • Avoid smoking, alcohol and recreational drugs or substances. 


Is sitting at your desk all day cramping your style? 

Sitting for long periods reduces levels of the feel-good hormones serotonin and oxytocin - stretching or moving whilst at your desk allows for a short break, which improves mood and productivity.

Incorporate these 6 exercises in your daily routine to help reduce tension and stress, or these 7 energising chair yoga poses to beat the mid-day slump.


Take a break from your desk

Getting away from your workstation, into the fresh air and incorporating a walk into your day has many health benefits:

  • Helps to prevent the onset of musculoskeletal disorders often caused by prolonged poor posture at your workstation
  • A brisk walk helps to boost your circulation and increases the oxygen supply to all your body cells which will help to improve your energy levels
  • Sun rays stimulate the body to produce Vitamin D that encourages the production of serotonin, which will help to boost your mood and produce feelings of wellbeing
  • Moving away from your workstation at lunchtime will help to reduce stress, anxiety and refresh the mind